Vipers Quay - Directions

The postcode for Vipers Quay is: TQ6 0HE

As you pass Exeter take the A38 to Plymouth. About 23 miles before Plymouth take the A384 to Totnes. (The turn-off is also marked to Buckfastleigh). Take care as you come into Totnes as there is a speed camera.

At the traffic lights in Totnes turn right onto the A381 to Kingsbridge. A mile after the traffic lights there is a turn off to the left, marked to Cornworthy and Tuckenhay; take this road. After about 2 miles there is a crossroads; you can either go straight ahead through Ashprington to Bow (which is just a pub, the Waterman's Arms), or turn right down a very steep hill to Bow. (This is a shorter route). Continue through Tuckenhay, following the main road marked to Cornworthy until you come to a "T" junction, with a signpost showing Cornworthy to the left and Dittisham to the right. If you are using a satnav, it may tell you to turn left at this "T" junction. Take no notice but turn right and follow the road to Dittisham.

From London it is usually easier to take the M4/M5 route rather than go on the A303; the former is quicker, the latter shorter.

At Dittisham keep the Red Lion pub on your left and the old village school on your right, along a road called “the Level”. About 250 yards after the pub you pass a car park on your left. After another 50 yards you come to a fork with a sharp left turn down a steep hill to the river; don't take this; continue straight on up the hill along Rectory Lane, which after about 250 yards goes over a cattle grid*. Almost immediately after the cattle grid there is a house on the left and a house on the right. After about 100 yards there is a turn to the left which you ignore. (It leads to River Farm and if you use a satnav with the postcode, this is where it will take you). After another 50 yards there is another fork; turn left, over the cattle grid, and it leads down to Viper's Quay.

*Warning! There are 3 very fierce road humps shortly after the cattle grid.




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